Jesse Hughes Releases Trailer for Solo Debut, Josh Homme Gets Interviewed By Nardwuar

I’m killing two birds with one stone with this post and since these dudes are practically family, it seems appropriate. I’ve already ragged about how cool Jesse Hughes is and how I’m stoked for his solo debut, Honkey Kong, to come out. As the September 20th release date approaches, Hughes is releasing tidbits to keep us excited. He’s released an album trailer earlier today. It’s pretty cool. He goes into graphic descriptions about what his music sounds like and is pretty funny.  He sums up the record like this:

“I took George Clinton and bent him over and then raped the shit out of him with Gary Numan, using Little Richard as a dick.”

Told ya that shit is graphic. To check out more of Hughes dark but funny one-liners, check out the trailer below. It also shows the cover for the first time. Nice.

Meanwhile, Hughe’s partner in crime, Josh Homme of QOTSA, got interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette for the fourth time. If you don’t know who Nardwuar is, you’re blowing it. Sure, he’s pretty dorky, but he knows more about rock n’ roll than you and your whole family tree combined. Plus, he does some seriously awesome interviews. If they could teach rock n’ roll, Nardwuar would be the top scholar on that shit. Check out the interview below for some of Homme’s interesting anecdotes about Dave Grohl and Nardwuar still proving he’s about 12 steps ahead of most rock n’ rollers.

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