The Black Lips w/ Night Beats – Exit/In – August 3rd, 2011

I was on the fence about this show for a bit. I like a couple of Black Lips songs and from what I had heard, Night Beats sounded pretty good. Still, $15 is still a good bit of money for people like me who still have to manage to buy cigarettes and alcohol throughout the week. Luckily, my friend Caroline hooked me up with two tickets because she didn’t want to brave the 90 degrees night time heat (I wouldn’t have either, but a free show is a free show), which allowed me to spend the money I had on much needed beer to help keep myself from drying out in the heat. Thanks Caroline.

I skipped the Clutters to pound beers at the Gold Rush. I got in on time for the Night Beats cause one of my friends mistook them for the Black Lips. No big deal. I thought their set was pretty good. They’re not anything new, but they delivered a solid set that got people shaking their heads (in approval of course) and that jam they did at the end with Ian of the Black Lips was pretty cool. Might have to pick up their LP sometime soon.

The Black Lips were up next. I’ve always been mixed on the band. They have a couple of really solid tunes, but I thought the whole mooning/making out on stage deal was a bit too much and screamed “look at us because we don’t have that many great tunes” (funny enough, the band admitted that was the reason they did that so much in their earlier shows). That and I had heard that the last time the band played Nashville, it was so bad that no one stayed for the show. So I didn’t know what to expect.

The band took the stage around 11:30. The sound guy at the Exit In sucks. I can never hear the vocals too well or some of the guitar. I expected for the band to go crazy, but they were relatively tame for a band with their reputation. During some of their more monotonous songs,  there was some dancing but I think even the band could realize there wasn’t a lot of energy. However, when they played their singles like “O Katrina”, “Bad Kids” or the newer one “Modern Art”, the crowd went wild. Beer cans were flung across the room, feet were stomped on and people were pushed. Surprisingly, there was only ONE stage dive that I saw the whole night (I know the Exit In has a sign, but who reads that shit?).  It kind of made me realize the band is a great singles band, but that the rest of their stuff is pretty much filler.

Still, it was a good night and a good free show. Would I see them again? If it was free again or less than $15, probably. Next time they better play “Bicentennial Man” instead of “Go Out and Get It” though. Other than that, I can’t complain much more about free shit.

Modern Art – The Black Lips

O Katrina – The Black Lips

Bad Kids – The Black Lips

They Came in Through the Window – Night Beats

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