Free Beer Island Show Canceled

Damn, what a tease. After a good couple of weeks of hype and anticipation, word on the street is now that the Free Beer Island show isn’t happening. Full explanation below:

Bummer news, dewds.

The Free Beer Island show has been getting pretty high profile in the past week and this led to the Resource Manager’s Office at Percy Priest lake to “re-evaluate” our permit (their words).

The new limitations to the permit make it impossible for us to do the show in the spirit in which we really wanted to hold it. We are so sorry to have to do this, but for now, we must to postpone the show indefinitely. All prepays are getting automatic refunds (details are coming to your email inbox).

Be on the lookout: the next time we hold this event it will be much more exclusive and secretive. The general population will only hear about it after it has taken place when the bodies lay at the bottom of the lake, victims of Poseidon’s bangover. You, however, will be one of the fortunate dead.

Say you’ll be our sacrifice.

– Jesse Rhew

Damnit, I was really looking forward to this show. It had all the ingredients to make a great show. The best Nashville bands were playing (the Scene even let the cat out of the bag by admitting that JEFF the Brotherhood were playing) and the location was unique and cool as fuck. How was this not  gonna be one of the year’s best? Cest la vie.

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