Best Coast Debuts New Song, Video for “Our Deal”

Best Coast was always a one-trick pony. Don’t get me wrong, she’s had her moments and has produced some decent, catchy songs, but she can get monotonous. That’s mostly to blame on what’s made her such a favorite amongst critics: her lyrics sound like their torn out of a teenage diary. That may be cute for one of two songs, but to make a record of it is pushing it and can make you wish she’d just grow up already and quit moping. However, I got a bit more hopeful when I heard that she was making a new record and started listing Loretta Lynn as an inspiration. I didn’t think it’d be up to par with Lynn by any means, but I was interested to see what she meant by “inspiration.”

So a year after her debut Crazy For You, Ms. Cosentino decided to give let fans know what she’s been up to by  releasing a new song “How They Want Me To Be.”

Her explanation behind it from her blog:

This song was recorded a few months ago at Black Iris, the same studio we recorded “Crazy For You.” This song is not properly mixed, it’s mostly a rough studio demo of a song I wrote and wanted to record. I am about 99% sure that this song will get re-recorded and changed up a bit and will end up on our second album. It’s called “How They Want Me To Be.”

While her songwriting is getting a bit more dynamic, she still can’t get over that “teenage diary” hump. It’s like an annoying middle schooler complaining about their day at points. The instrumentation is pretty, but nothing new for Cosentino. Like always, I’ll wait til the final product to make an accurate judgement.

She also debuted her new music video for “Our Deal.” Directed by Drew Barrymore, it’s basically West Side Story dressed up in American Apparel. If that’s your bag, more power to you. However, I think she’s shooting herself in the foot. Check out the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Semi-unrelated note: Is MTV trying to go back to the 90’s now? They’ve brought back the Moon Man logo, 120 Minutes, &  Beavis and Butthead. Someone’s scrambling to get back some credibility.

One Response to “Best Coast Debuts New Song, Video for “Our Deal””
  1. what? she’s stealing big surr’s act. Dude, big surr already did this. bethany is such a rip off,so unoriginal.

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