Noel Gallagher Debuts B-Side “The Good Rebel”

Another person I write too much about, but whatever. Oasis ruled and Noel Gallagher is a great songwriter. He’s releasing his new single “The Death of You and Me” on August 21st and he’s including a B-side on it, “The Good Rebel.” Unfortunately, there’s a reason it’s a b-side.

It’s pretty shitty until the small solo at the end. Other than that, it’s skippable and definitely not one of Gallagher’s best moments. At least he realized it wasn’t good enough for the album. He used to have 1-4 tracks per session that were sub par when he did Oasis, so he’d steal the only 2-3 good songs Liam had and throw them on the album. Oh well. Still stoked for the album, which comes out October 17th. Hopefully the London riots won’t fuck up the city up too much to keep delaying music from there.

Check out the single (which is much better) and a few other videos from Noel below.

The Death Of You and Me – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Mucky Fingers – Oasis

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

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