Blink-182 Immortalize Their Dorky Fans in Music Video Form

I’ll never get pop-punk or why people whose balls have dropped bother to try and keep it alive. It feels like the equivalent of fart and pooping jokes that would make anyone shake their head in embarrassment. I try not to judge a band’s fanbase, but sometimes, they can be the worst element of the band. Funny enough, Blink-182 has decided to dedicate their new video for their new single, “Up All Night” (seriously, the bass player is almost 40 but they can’t stop writing songs about high school?), to their fans. How so? They did a quick youtube search and managed to find super fans doing asinine covers or crappy skateboard videos. The video explains below:

Up All Night – Blink 182

Yeah, I think I lost a couple of IQ points watching that too. Some of those stunts looked like the rejected video submissions for Jackass, except less funny. But if you really dig this (and bleeding from the ears), their first new album in 8 years comes out September 27th. I have a feeling it’s gonna kinda be like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where they open the ark and all the Nazis start to melt. Instead of closing your eyes, just cover your ears and you should be okay.

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