Wavves Announces New EP with Best Coast, Fucked Up

After a couple of shows and rumors of a new EP, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams finally confirmed a couple of details regarding his new EP called Life Sux, which is going to be released on September 20th.

The EP is gonna include Williams’ girlfriend, Best Coast on a track called “Nodding Off” and Damian Abraham from Fucked Up on a track called “Destroy.”  It’ll be the first release on Williams’ new record label, Ghost Ramp. The only bummer is that they decided to include that Blink-182 wannabe song “Bug” but are making the much-better track, “In the Sand,” an iTunes/Vinyl exclusive. iTunes still doesn’t get that there’s a little thing called the internet which makes nothing downloadable “exclusive.” But even though I overplayed the shit out of King of the Beach when it came out, I’m still stoked for this EP. Williams pot habit makes him create some ridiculous, but funny things (see the cover above). He’s made some interesting and catchy music before and as long as he hasn’t burn out, he’ll probably continue to do so.

Tracklisting below along with some clips of “Bug,” “In the Sand” as well as my favorite track off of Wavves’ first album. The dude’s come a long way from recording stuff in his parent’s basement.


1. Bug

2. I Wanna Be Dave Grohl

3. Nodding Off [ft. Best Coast]

4. Poor Lenore

5. Destroh [ft. Fucked Up]

6. In the Sand [Live] *

* vinyl and iTunes bonus track

Bug – Wavves

In the Sand – Wavves

Teenage Super Party – Wavves

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