I Believe in D. Watusi – D. Watusi

I’m not gonna lie, I had a hard time getting into this band at first. It wasn’t particularly the music as much as it was the promotion of the band when it came to be. Basically, it was the bassist/Nashville’s Dead’s Ben Todd publishing his own press releases and referring to the band (and himself) as Nashville’s new “bad boys.” That shit is cringeworthy. Plus, I thought their first single “Summer Nights” was trying to hard to be retro (though the b-side “High School Baby” was pretty cool). After that, I had a hard time taking them seriously and let them slide under the radar until a couple of days ago. It wasn’t until this new single that I gave them another listen. Good for them, it was worth it.

Both tracks are instrumentals, which actually becomes a good thing for the band. The track “Slave Wall” exemplifies this. The aggressive drum beat and the howling and trippy guitar stand out at first. However, the song wouldn’t be as redeeming if it weren’t for the small yet essential fills that come from the sitar and keyboard. Definitely noteworthy shit. It helps the band’s chemistry and makes them sound more solid.

Like I said, I was skeptical as fuck about this band at first. However, the single is good enough to make me pay more attention to the band and give them another chance. The single’s out on Cass Records (though it’s not listed on their site). To hold you over, you can steal “Slave Wall” from Nashville’s Dead HERE (do that right click “save” deal). Check out their We Own This Town session below. One last nitpick detail, one shouldn’t EVER wear a t-shirt with one’s band name on it. That’s just tacky.

3 Responses to “I Believe in D. Watusi – D. Watusi”
  1. jordan smith says:

    dylan rides that jack white coattail like no other (well riding that “i work at 3rd man”) , write good songs kid, don’t ride dicks.

    unless your a faggot, than ride away.

    but forreal, just write good music, and you dont gotta ride coattails. or dicks. but you might like the dicks.

  2. memphisman says:

    just another band of rich kids from brentwood using their parents money to try and make a punk scene that they can control……. pathetic.

  3. memphisman says:

    jay retard said it best “nashville is just a bunch of rich kids, they all have a daddy in the business”

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