Only in Dreams – Dum Dum Girls

You know how a huge trend in the Nashville music scene is that a bunch of bands sound like the Ramones? I feel like that kind of deal is happening in California, except with the Jesus and Mary Chain instead of the Ramones. A good amount of records from bands that get attention from that area seem to have that washed out/shoegaze guitar sound. This is cool, since I dig JAMC more than the Ramones, but like what happens in Nashville, a lot of those records can get monotomous. Case in point, Dum Dum Girls.

I’m not saying this record is terrible. It’s got its moments. The opening track “Always Looking” has a few guitar fills that are bound to catch your attention as well as “Just A Creep.” The single “Coming Down” feels spacey and delicate but just like actually going cold turkey, it feels like it goes on for too long. Despite all of the praise the band is getting from the people at Pitchdork, I don’t see this as more than a Jesus and Mary Chain knock off record. I feel like the bands’ male counterparts, Crocodiles, have done a much better job with the genre and made their music a lot more fun and interesting.

Bottom line: while the band has one or three good tracks, they aren’t powerful enough to stand the test of time. After Pitchdork deems them uncool, I can see the band vanishing. You can check out a couple of tracks from the album below. It comes out September 27th. They tried to stop the album from leaking by only offering a stream of the album to those who preorder the album, but they didn’t realize easy it is to rip that off. They should have just made it convienent and given us the MP3s. Better luck next time I guess.

Teardrops on My Pillow – Dum Dum Girls

Hold Your Hand- Dum Dum Girls

Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls

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