Memories Come True – Cliffie Swan

I didn’t realize this band was a reworking of another band called Lights. If you haven’t heard Lights, imagine a blow dumb Blondie on acid. If disco went in this direction instead of trying to keep up with John Travolta, maybe it wouldn’t be dead.

Fire Night – Lights

Anyways, the band decided to go in a different direction late last year. They changed their name to Cliffie Swan and threw in a couple more guitars. And it works. Really well actually.

The album’s got a good combination of light guitar, floaty melodies, and steady bass lines like with the opening track “Dream Train.” “Soft and Mean” follows and balances out a solid riff with some cool atmospheric noise. “Yes I Love You” is a bit too cheesy for me, but it’s not a disaster. The title track is more melancholy than the earlier tracks, but it’s still an awesome track. From this point, the album gets significantly heavier. “Full of Pain” builds on this but it really comes to with the psychedelic “California Baby.” They might be from New York, but their guitar riffs helps capture California’s heat waves. The album gets calm again during “Home”, but my favorite track follows soon after: “Take It Easy.” It sounds like the theme to leaving town in the middle of the night. The lyrics of “So Long” make the track skippable, but I stick around for the guitar and bass. “Climb on Top” closes the album, and like the sunset imagery it produces, it’s a pretty sight.

I know that summer is almost over, but this album is a good way to close it out. It’ll be good for rolling up one last joint, chugging one last beer, or hooking up with that chick you’ve been doing all summer one last time before she heads back to a different college. It’s a peaceful way to be let down from summer’s high.

Check out two of my favorite tracks below. The album is available on Drag City (same dudes who put out Ty Segall’s killer last record). Check it out.

Dream Train – Cliffie Swan

California Baby – Cliffie Swan


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