Top 5 Stoned Interviews

We know “drugs are bad” and all of that jazz, but they’ve definitely provided some interesting material. Some people either make asses of themselves or create something really cool. While I enjoy the latter the most, the former can make for some blunt grade-A entertainment. So here’s a couple of them I thought were worth watching.

5. Willie Nelson Admits He’s Stoned to Larry King

And Larry King tries to scare him like a dick.

4.The Rolling Stones Stoned on TV

Before the smack got in the picture.


3. Noel Gallagher Coked Out of His Mind

“If there were gold medals for taking drugs for England I would have won a shitload.”


2. Nirvana REALLY Stoned

The fact that Krist is a politician today makes this even better.


1. James Brown Feels Good

Godfather of Soul and Blow


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