Bruise Cruise 2012 Adds More Bands

I talked about Bruise Cruise a bit ago and how Weezer made their lame Radio Disney version of it. But since then, more information has been spilling out about what awaits next year when Jonas Stein and Michelle Cable take sex, drugs and rock n’ roll to the high seas once again. Today, a new promo was released with Cassie of the Vivian Girls and Jonathan Toubin and by the looks of it, next year is going to be crazier.

The latest additions to the line up include Fucked Up, Togas (a new band with the profilic Ty Segall and members of the Strange Boys. Yeah, the Strange Boys are a bit annoying, but hopefully they’ll just shut up and listen to Ty), and a Vivian Girls DJ set. They’ve also added a new payment plan that does look VERY appealing to broke kids like me (unless someone wants to hook me up with a cabin, in which case, me love you long time). Another announcement was that the Cruise will continue to do the whole record label deal and be giving out another round of limited vinyls featuring artists off of the line up. Each attendee usually gets one of these in their gift bags and it appears the first release will feature Neil Hamburger.

The fest sets sail on February 10th out of Miami. No word on the kick off party that they will undoubtably have in Miami before, but I’ll keep you posted. Seriously, someone hook a brother up. From all the stories I keep hearing about what went down this year, it doesn’t seem like something to miss.

For more information and to book yourself a ticket, check out the official site.

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