Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release “Shadow on the Run”

First off, unless it’s Super Smash Brothers or there is some heavy drinking involved, video games are for virgins and a HUGE waste of time. That being said, it’s very rare that I get a press release about a video game soundtrack (yep, some nerd sits up at night and writes how rad Puddle of Mudd is for being on some second rate soundtrack) that catches my attention. Batman: Arkham City – Soundtrack got me to turn my head because after you dig through the typical roaster of shit, you can find a couple of diamonds such as the Duke Spirit, A Place to Bury Strangers and of course, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

It’s no secret that BRMC has been one of my favorite bands for the past couple of years. They’ve consistently put out good albums and even better live shows. For the soundtrack, they contributed a new track, “Shadow on the Run.” This band is awesome at creating slow burning songs that eventually end with you feeling like you’ve been swallowed up by the flames. “Shadow on the Run” is an excellent example of how the band makes it sound like you’re trying to outrun the devil. Nicely done.

The band is notorious for giving their songs to commercials and then using that money to help whatever group of people that company affects in a negative way. For example, if they sold their song to a liquor commercial, they’d donate the money to something along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since video games are keeping too many dorks from getting laid, I wonder if they’re gonna set up a foundation for those dorks. They probably need it.

You can stream it over at It’s worth the trouble of dealing with Rolling Stone’s bullshit. Check it out and a couple of my other favorites by the band below.

Shadow on the Run – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Conscience Killer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Whatever Happened to My Rock n’ Roll – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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