PJ Harvey Wins Mercury Award, Announces Live EP

Miss Polly Jean Harvey has always been a favorite of mine. At 41, the woman can still write good music and looks like a babe and a half for being 41 and dressing like  a weirdo. It’s cool that I’m not the only who thinks this too. Across the pond, they have this awards ceremony called the Barclaycard Mercury Awards. It’s like the Grammys over here I guess. She was in the running against bullshit acts like Adele, so it’s really cool to see that people realize she’s still got it.

To make things even cooler, she’s releasing one of those live iTunes EP’s next week. It’s gonna have 4 tracks from her latest, Let England Shake, as well as three of her classics and an interview. Sounds like a good deal to me, and I hate iTunes. You can check out the tracklisting below along with a couple of other videos.


1. “Let England Shake”

2. “The Words That Maketh Murder”

3. “The Last Living Rose”

4. “Written On The Forehead”

5. “Angelene”

6. “C’mon Billy”

7. “Down By The Water”

8. PJ Harvey Interview

Last Living Rose – PJ Harvey

Let England Shake – PJ Harvey

Down By the Water – PJ Harvey

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