The Black Lips Make Offensive Video for “Family Tree”

The Black Lips aren’t a band for the weak-stomached. While I used to think the band was pretty meh, the newer album, Arabia Mountain, has grown on me and I’ve realized the band has some tunes worth checking out. They just released their new video for Family Tree and damn, is it nasty.

Family Tree – Black Lips

The video intercuts shots of a tree along with boobs, vomitting, dudes making out, and Cole getting crucified ala New Testment style. It would be pretty strange for any other band, but come on, it’s the Black Lips. This is what most of their shows are like to begin with.

The band has been taking a break from touring, but they do have two live dates coming up. The Nashville show was kind of lackluster, but that was probably because the crowd wasn’t feeling it too much. Tour dates are below along with a couple of other videos. Check em out if you can.

Tour Dates

September 8th………………………Hopscotch Festival………………….Raleigh, North Carolina

September 10th………………Southern Comfort Lounge……………Conley, Georgia

Modern Art – The Black Lips

Katrina – The Black Lips

Bicentennial Man – The Black Lips

One Response to “The Black Lips Make Offensive Video for “Family Tree””
  1. Kasia Adams says:

    What a misleading article. Disappointed. You are clearly in favor of this band, take your time to write something nice. Idiot.

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