The Arctic Monkeys Release Awesome Video for “Suck It And See”, Possibly Working on Live DVD

The Monkeys are gearing up to release the title track off of their new album, Suck It and See, as a single on Halloween and to get the ball rolling, they just released the video for the song, appropiately titled “Suck It and See.” And as expected, Alex Turner and co have released another awesome video.

Suck It and See – the Arctic Monkeys

The director Focus Creeps (probably would have gotten a name change if I was him) described the video as “Inspired by past ‘lost weekends’ in LA, from Lennon to Lemmy, the music video for the ‘Suck It And See’ imagines: what if a rock and roller were lost altogether and never came back?” I keep hearing people compare this to that show Sons of Anarchy, but I see it as a less homicidal Natural Born Killers. The Monkeys continue their streak of including hot babes in every video so props for that. Oh yeah, and the song is really good too. It’s about cruel love and all of that jazz and is probably one of my favorite songs off the new album.

In other related news, the band appears to be working on a live concert video, though they’re being a little sketchy about it. They released a trailer later last month, but with no release date or official title. The trailer consists of footage from the band’s homecoming gig at the Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield. It makes me excited for the gig they’re playing in Nashville in October. It should be pretty cool. Check out the trailer below along with the usual couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.

Don Valley Bowl Trailer – the Arctic Monkeys

Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair – The Arctic Monkeys

The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala – The Arctic Monkeys

Crying Lightening – the Arctic Monkeys


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