Bad Cop Readies New EP, Releases Cool Promo

It’s been a year since Bad Cop released their debut, Harvest the Beast, a psychedelic punk album that held back no punches. In a year’s time, the band’s done a lot of work. Following a huge line-up change, a couple of live shows that made people either love or hate their style,and Adam trying to go to jail more times than DMX, they’ve managed to record a couple of tunes for an EP, Can’t Slow Down.

The EP, which was recorded at Battle Tapes Recording in Nashville, is set to come out on ROIR! Records this fall. The songs have been making their rounds at a bunch of live shows and Adam has shown me the finished versions of the songs. Do they sound different than Harvest? Yes, and they should seeing as how Adam wrote the first album when he was still a younging (he wrote “I’m in Lust with You” when he was 15 and in juvie). The songs may have matured, but the chaos is still there and  will still knock you on your ass. Especially “Gloom Bank.” Mikey Owen’s guitar riff on that is the finest piece of sleaze rock you’ll find on this side of the Mississippi. Stoked on getting a copy. The tracklisting is listed below. A bit bummed they didn’t include the heavy-riffed”Fried By Lightening,”but who knows where else that track will appear.

Can’t Slow Down Tracklisting

1. Animal

2. Maniac

3. Gloom Bank

In other band related news, the band recently had Justin Landis (bassist in Cannomen, did that badass Stevie R. Moore interview) shoot a promo for the band in which Adam does poppers, drinks and hates on complacent bullshit, intercut with live footage. It’s even more entertaining than it sounds. Check it out below along with the usual few videos.

Bad Cop Promo- Justin Landis

Maniac – Bad Cop

Daylight – Bad Cop

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