Life Sux – Wavves

I kinda burnt myself out on Wavves. King of the Beach was solid as hell and the band puts on some pretty fun shows. However, as Williams and co. receive more and more fame, they’ve been doing some pretty jive stuff. I don’t want to use the term “sold out”, because doing commercials is one of the only ways that musicians can get money. But when you start hearing his songs in an episode of Jersey Shore or see him being a pretty weak backing band for GZA, there has to be a line drawn. Nevertheless, I was willing to give the new EP a chance even though the cover and name aren’t too pretty.

I was surprised at how much I didn’t hate “Bug.” Live, I thought the song was whiney with an annoying high-pitched melody that just didn’t know how to fuck off. However, on the record, it’s a lot catchier and sounds a whole lot better. Plus, I can dig the music video. It’s got pills and mermaids with machine guns. The first seems to explain the latter.

Bug – Wavves

The next track, “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” is just bad. Based on Williams’ man crush on the ex-Nirvana drummer, the lack of appeal to the track is partially due to the extra whiney lyrics and how it is basically the same track as “Destroy.” It’s got the same melody and everything. This is unacceptable on a regular album, but on something short like an EP, it’s even more noticeable and even more annoying. C’mon dude, you can try a bit harder. If you dig stuff like Sonny and Cher, you might dig “Nodding Off,” Wavves collaboration with his ladyfriend from Best Coast. However, despite all the attention they’ve gotten as indie’s power couple, the track just isn’t special. Next up, “Poor Leonre,” a track that is more worthy of praise. It doesn’t sound like a traditional Wavves track and definitely is the stand out on this track. “In the Sand” is awesome too, but it sounds like a b-side to King of the Beach. Maybe that’s why I dig it so much. Also, why the hell didn’t it get the studio treatment? It’s so much better than a bunch of tracks that did, but they made us settle on a live version that you have to steal cause it’s an “iTunes exclusive.” Fuck that.

So yeah, my fate in Nate-Dawg has already been shaken and unfortunately, this EP isn’t exactly helping. I guess it’s cliche to say that fame is killing the music itself, but cliches are there for a reason: they hold some truth. And its making Williams’s one trick less and less impressive.

In the Sand (Live) – Wavves

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