JEFF the Brotherhood Debuts Video for “Whatever I Want”

I still think JEFF’s latest album, We Are the Champions, is overrated, especially when compared to Heavy Days, which kicked ass. However, it is cool to see them blowing up and getting recognition. They recently announced that they were doing a single with Third Man Records and that Jack White was going to produce it. The single is called “Whatever I Want” and the video for it just got released.

Whatever I Want – JEFF the Brotherhood

Now that’s fucking cool. This is what We Are the Champions should have sounded like. It sounds like what they should have done after Heavy Days. The video is chalk full of cool shit. Babes screaming their heads off, the band performing in a foggy room, the works. To finish it off, the video ends with Jamin and Jake staring into the camera, like they’re on some serious class A drugs. I’m all for that and this video. It gives me hope that their next album will be better.

You can check out a couple of other JEFF videos below. They’re going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow. Definitely want to see that. I hope they play this single. Can you imagine how bummed Kimmel would be if they cut into his time? Whatever, that dude is not funny anyways. But blah blah blah, check out some more videos below.

Heavy Days – JEFF the Brotherhood

Wastoid Girl – JEFF the Brotherhood

You Got the Look – Jeff the Brotherhood

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