Noel Gallagher’s on Acid, Releases “AKA…What a Life” Video

Only a couple of weeks to go before Noel Gallagher drops his debut solo album and he’s releasing videos left and right nowadays to keep busy. While the last one was a bit too Taylor Swiftish for me, this new one showed a lot more promise. The new video is for his next single, “AKA…What A Life” and it looks like Noel is back on drugs. Well, LSD at least.

EDIT: Apparently, EMI has decided to pull down all the bootleg copies of the video available in the US. The official video is only available in the UK and Ireland despite the fact that it was shot in the US of A. Some bullshit, Noel. Anyways, I’ll repost it when it becomes available to ALL countries like it should be.

Unless it’s “Get Him to the Greek” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshell”, Russell Brand generally annoys the shit out of me, so the fact that he’s playing a dancing Alice-In-Wonderlandish figure in this video doesn’t make him more likable at all. Then again, I don’t think we’re supposed to. The video basically picks up where Noel’s first video, “The Death of You and Me,” left off, where the nameless babe gets into the carriage and turns into a damsel in distress as she is force fed a psychedelic by Brand and the evil babe twins. From there on, it’s all about cars, desert scenery, and babes in America Flag bikinis. It makes tripping in the desert sound more and more enticing (what’s anybody doing this weekend?). The video closes with Noel and the damsel in distress speeding away in the Mustang, off on another adventure I suppose. It’s ten times better than the last video and thank God for that. If you dug Oasis’s video for “The Shock of Lightening,” you’ll have a blast.

I keep hearing reports of people receiving the record, but as of now, no leak of the record has been posted. It’s out October 17th in the UK, so a leak can’t be too far behind. Trust me, I’m not gonna let that one slip under the radar. Until then, check out the other videos below.

The Death of You and Me – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

If I Had a Gun – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

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