The Horrors Release Trippy Video for “I Can See Through You”

I still haven’t made up my mind about the band. On one hand, they look like the ridiculous goth kids in high school (seriously, why the fuck would you want to look like that?). On the other, they do have a tune here or there that even I’ll admit to liking. It’s kind of like getting drunk and waking up next to an ugly chick. Yeah, you still did the deed, but it’s still not something you’re going out of the way to tell people about. That said, I do dig this song that they’ve just released this video for, “I Can See Through You.”

I Can See Through You – The Horrors

There’s not a whole lot to the video. Just some cool trippy visuals and a few too many head shots of the lead singer (somebody loves themselves). All nitpicking aside, it’s worth a watch alone for the song. It’s off their newer album, Skying, which I can’t make up my mind about and the fucker’s been out for 4 months now. Oh well. We’ll see how it fares by the end of the year.

The band’s touring Europe currently, but they have toured the US before so dates will probably be announced for next year relatively soon. Not sure if I could handle their type of crowd, but who knows? For a couple of other songs I dig by this band, check out the videos below.

Sea Within a Sea – The Horrors

I Can’t Control Myself – The Horrors

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