Supergroups: A Bad Idea

There comes a certain age where musicians start sucking at what they do no matter what. Even the best of the best go senile and make stuff that’s anything but interesting (look at Roger Waters or Iggy). When all creative energy runs dry, some of the old greats and not-so-greats seem to think a supergroup will help them carry on their legacy and stay current. Reputations end up being tarnished and dignity lost.While it’s not a new trend, 2011 seems like the year where the shit is hitting the fan harder than usual.

Let’s start off with Mick Jagger. If you’ve read Keith Richard’s memoirs, then you know how big of a bitch Jagger can be. He used to try to get the Stones to go by “Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones” during the 80’s and tried to launch a terrible and unsuccessful solo career. Basically, he’s been pretty lame for a good bit. However, he’s taking it to a new level with this SuperHeavy shit.

Miracle Worker – SuperHeavy

Unfortunately, Jagger’s pink tuxedo isn’t the worst thing about this video. There’s also that brat who covered the White Stripes terribly and that dude who’s famous because his dad made great stoner reggae. That and the fact that they’re jamming out to some tiki bar reggae kind of shit. Seriously, imagining that someone said that this band sounded like a good idea is pretty messed up.

Next up is another giant that fell hard: Lou Reed. Over the past couple of decades, he’s produced some of the coolest imagery through a wide spectrum of lyrics. He’s even managed to retain cool points over the years through the little things. At Lolla 09, he pissed off a bunch of Band of Horses fans by playing a longer version of “Sweet Jane” while Band of Horses were supposed to take the stage. That shit was funny. But now, it seems like Reed is going off the deep end as well.

Lulu Trailer – Lou Reed and Metallica

This new project he has is with Metallica. While I do dig stuff like Master of Puppets, Metallica has done anything reputable since they started suing college kids about illegal downloading. Plus, the music just sounds terrible. Is this a joke? You really expect me to sit through a 10 minute song of this shit? Especially when the drums sound so fake, like straight out of Garageband programming or something. Reed is shitting the bed. This is supposed to be a supergroup?

Finally, we come to the reason that the Doors died with Jim Morrison. We all knew the surviving members turned jive at some point when Morrison was alive (probably during the car commercial debauchery). We knew for sure when they carried on the Doors name with 2 lackluster albums after Jim died and when they put out that shitty cash-in album, American Poetry. But apparently, that just wasn’t enough for them and they’ve employed frat-boy dubsteper Skrillex to help them show the world how Jive they are.

Re:generation Trailer

I’ll just let this sink in for a second: The Doors doing dubstep……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..breaks your heart a bit, don’t it? He may have been the drunkest and most drugged out of them all, but even Jim would have said this was bullshit too.

Whoever signs off on these supergroup needs to be fired. I get that having 2 bratty kids and a bitchy wife could get old, but that is not a reason to call up the band and try to figure out a way to stay current. It’s like if your dad started listening to the radio and quoting Lil Wayne songs at the dinner table. At some point, it gets embarrassing for everyone involved.

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