King Khan Forms Another Band, Prepares Free EP

It’s been 2 years since we heard much from King Khan. Last we heard, the James Brown impersonator was set to headline Bruise Cruise 2012 with the Shrines, but we got no word whether a new album was being planned or not. However, what we didn’t know was that he apparently formed his 232342nd band, the King Khan Experience (dude most really like seeing his name in lights) and they are putting out an EP this Tuesday.

The EP is set to come out on that Scion A/V label on October 25th. It’s weird how 10 years ago, it was considered bad to be apart of anything to do with cars (commercials particularly), but now it seems like it’s completely credible. Weird shit. To get people hyped, they just put out a free song, “I Got Love.” It’s a clash of organs, and chunky guitar solos. I dig. Plus, the fact that it’s legally free makes me more inclined to check it out.

You can grab the song from the link below. There’s also a couple of other videos from Khan’s other outfits. Check em out.

Torture – King Khan and the Shrines

Outta My Mind – King Khan and BBQ Show

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