Live at Mt. Swag – Ranch Ghost/Majestico

It’s awesome how much steam Ranch Ghost has been picking up in the past few months. They’re currently wrapping up recording at Battle Tapes, but until that record is out, they’ve done this split with other local favorites, Majestico to tide us over.

The recording is from a show at Mt. Swag. The sound quality is by no means perfect, but it’s got that gritty charm to it. It’s like an old bootleg, except a lot better quality and you don’t have to worry about the tape catching that drunk kid in the audience who sings badly and fucks up the lyrics. The music speaks for itself: it jumps from being surfy with non-stop hooks (“Turfin’/Feels So Good”) to being a foot-stomping hit (“Ragged Mile”) while the lyrics talk about high water (“Long Hand”) and losing (or finding, depends on who you’re asking) your mind (“Wasting Mind”) . It’s like going to the beach, taking shrooms and hooking up with an island girl. Shit’s all sorts of fun. I was over at the Ranch (their home/practice space) the other day, listening to these dudes practice and the tunes keep getting better.

When I first heard Majestico back in 2009 and at first, I wasn’t too impressed. This was when Kings of Leon was all over the place, so his whiskey-laden vocals that bared a bit of a resemblance to Caleb Followill didn’t help. However, when I got over that, I realized he had some tunes and that he could write a song. I’d give you a track by track deal, but the tape isn’t split up songwise so I have no idea what any of the titles are. It’s got plenty of T-Rex-like riffs and catchy vocal melodies, while still preserving some of that Southern sound. It’s pretty cool.

You can listen to “Turfin’/Feel So Good” and Majestico’s bandcamp below. Pick up the tape if you can.

Turfin’/Feels So Good – Ranch Ghost

Majestico – Live at Japan

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