The Black Keys Release “Lonely Boy” Single

There’s not much more that I can say about the Black Keys that I haven’t already. You should get the idea by now anyways. They have blues riffs that make head shaking contagious and beats that shake butts. What else do you need to know? With the swift announcement of their next album, El Camino, the band is following that up by releasing their first single, “Lonely Boy” and like I expected, it rips.

Lonely Boy – the Black Keys

The video is another great example of the band’s sense of humor. I guess I’m late to the party by not posting this earlier today, but fuck it, it’s so good, I couldn’t not not post it. I’ve listened to it about 6 times already and probably bumming the shit out of my roommates in the process. Fuck it, it’s good music. I can’t wait for this album now.

You can download the song on iTunes. I ripped it because I can’t be bothered with iTunes’ bullshit. The album is out December 6th and hopefully sooner on the internet. Keep em coming.

El Camino Trailer

Howling For You – The Black Keys

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    dong water 420

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