The Arctic Monkeys Make Vid for “Evil Twin”

It’s been a month since the Arctic Monkeys blew the doors off of the War Memorial and even though the band is relentlessly touring behind their latest, Suck It and See, they still manage to find time to make videos for b-sides. You might remember that I said the band debuted a new song that night called “Evil Twin.” Well the band has made a video for it, a sequel to the last single “Suck It and See.”

Evil Twin – The Arctic Monkeys

There’s nothing really to it. It’s kind of just a rehashing of the last video, except the drummer in the video thinks he’s cool enough to pull off the “I wear my band’s t-shirt.” Hell no dude. No one’s that cool and if it weren’t for the smoking babe in diamond lingerie, you might have just killed the video. Aside from that, the song is pretty cool too. Sounds like something off of Humbug which is cool as hell.

The band is set to take some time off after they wrap up touring next year. Alex Turner is complaining that he’s been writing too many shitty lyrics lately to write another album anytime soon. Seems like a good idea and at least the dude knows his limits. Hopefully the Monkeys will be back in 2013 with some more kickass tunes.

The usual videos are below if you aren’t already acquainted with the Monkeys. Check em out.

Suck It and See – the Arctic Monkeys

Teddy Picker – the Arctic Monkeys

When the Sun Goes Down – the Arctic Monkeys

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