Bad Cop Releases “I Can’t Slow Down” EP Teaser, Drops EP For Free Monday

Well, well, well. Looks like Bad Cop is pulling a Raconteurs on us. In the true chaotic spirit of the band, they released a teaser for the new EP, I Can’t Slow Down, and that it will be available next Monday, the 21st now. Fuck yeah.

“I Can’t Slow Down” 6-Pack Teaser

The band is calling the EP a 6-pack. Along with getting the songs for free, the band has shot videos with director Seth Graves for each individual song on the EP and is including them in the download bundle. According to Adam Anyone, the videos range from having “Satan babes” to Tanner from Ranch Ghost smashing “a toilet, glass door and blowing up some shit.” Judging by the first video, “Maniac,” we can probably expect some more crazy shit from the dudes that can’t help but push peoples’ buttons.

Maniac – Bad Cop

So blah, blah, blah. The EP comes out next Monday, the 21st, on Prince Cook Music . Keep an eye on their website, for more info. And as always, check the usual videos below.

Control – Bad Cop

Daylight – Bad Cop

I’m in Lust With You – Bad Cop

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