The Black Lips – “Raw Meat” Music Video

Yeah, I’ve had a change of heart with the new Black Lips record, Arabia Mountain. It’s pretty fucking good. It’s got less filler than their earlier albums and it looks like after 12 years of being a band, they finally learned how to play their instruments. And while I still think the song “Raw Meat”  is anything too special, the video for it is pretty fucking awesome.

Raw Meat – the Black Lips

This is just the week for NYPD to get shit on, isn’t it? The video follows the band as they portray crooked cops. Sounds like a winner, right? They patrol the streets at night (but end up letting criminals go and arresting the victims), solicit hookers and of course, break a couple of open container laws before breaking the containers themselves. It’s a lot less bloody than the last video and there’s no dudes making out, which is usually a trademark for the band and their live show. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be dumb and that’s what this band does very well.

For better songs, check out the usual videos below.

O Katrina – the Black Lips

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