PUJOL Makes Video for “Mayday”

If you haven’t already, go pick PUJOL’s latest, Nasty, Brutish and Short. It’s a great collection of songs that exemplifies how Pujol can write contagious riffs with a philosophical edge. It’s almost subliminal which makes it even cooler. He just wrapped up a tour with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists but he’s not slowing down just yet. He’s just released a video for “Mayday” and it’s a trip.

Mayday – PUJOL

The video consists of a competition between PUJOL and a friend for the title of “king of me.” This competition includes everything from praying to five finger fillet. Heavy lies the crown, but Pujol is willing to scrap and fight for it. As I’ve said before, the song’s punk rock but with charm. Worth a listen.

PUJOL seems to be taking a well-deserved break from touring at the moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he announced a show or two in town soon. To hold you over til then, check out the usual 3 videos below.

Black Rabbit – PUJOL

Providence – PUJOL

Reverse Vampire – PUJOL

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