The Mark Lanegan Band Releases First Single in 8 Years “The Gravedigger’s Song”

Stoked on this motherfucker. It’s been about a month since we heard that Lanegan was going to revive the monikor Mark Lanegan Band for their first album in 8 years. Yesterday, they dropped the bomb and let us hear and download the first single off of their new album, Blues Funeral. The song is called “The Gravedigger’s Song” and is available below.

The Gravedigger’s Song – Mark Lanegan Band

Marky Mark is back! Off the bat, the song doesn’t sound like anything off of the phenomenal last album, Bubblegum. It sounds like that one collaboration Lanegan did with UNKLE last year rubbed off on him a bit, because the thumping wavy bassline sounds pretty familiar. Lanegan’s lyrics haven’t deterred over the years either. He still makes up awesome lines like “with piranha teeth, I have been dreaming of you” and his snarl is still intact thanks to him never holding back on the cigarettes or whiskey over the year. The man is still a fucking legend.

You can download the new track from this link HERE. The album doesn’t come out til February 6th, but I can’t wait. To hold you over til then, check out some of his other songs below.

Head – Mark Lanegan Band

Museum – Mark Lanegan

Hit the City – Mark Lanegan Band feat PJ Harvey

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