The Icarus Line Release Deep Cuts to Fund Touring

In all honesty, this band should have died back in 2004 due to primary members leaving, drug-fueled arguments and being dicked around in the ever declining music industry. They’ve suffered through enough problems that would have made enough bands call it a day and go extinct, leaving behind a solid discography and people like me wondering why no one gave a damn about the band while they were around. Luckily, the Icarus Line is a breed that will not die. They’ve scavenged and scrapped all the little things to stay alive as long as possible. With the release of Wildlife, their fourth album in their 14 year run, the band fights becoming a fossil to put out on of the most overlooked albums of the year. They want to tour, but since money doesn’t grow on trees, they need help with that. Instead of directly asking for a handout, frontman Joe Cardamone has decided to make it well worth your while.

On the band’s bandcamp, he’s released two CD’s full of band rarities for $13 a pop. These rarities include alternate takes, session & live material, covers and more that span from the band’s whole career. They even have a sloppy live cover of the Stooges’ “1970” that isn’t without its charm. The tunes are said to come from vaults that Cardamone has stored kept up with (probably a really dusty box of CD-Rs in his basement) and will be taken down by the start of 2012. They’re interesting to poke through at least and see how a lot of their songs have evolved or how fucked up they sound live.

I guess the band will announce tour dates in 2012 if they’ve earned enough money from this experiment. Until then, check out the bandcamp tracks below, along with my favorite song off their latest, “All the Little Things.” Song’s rad.

All the Little Things – the Icarus Line

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