The Sister Ruby Band – “Graceland Smile” Video

This video’s been out for a bit, but I’ll use it as an excuse anyways to write about this band. The Sister Ruby Band is the psych-rock project of 22 year old art school student (NOT one of the one’s that suck) Johnny Ruby. That’s about all I know about this band, as well as that their release this year, In Cold Blood, was not one to be missed. I’ve had it on heavy replay lately. It’s like a blender of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jesus and Mary Chain and Lust for Life-era Iggy Pop. One of the singles off that album got a video, and it’s the slow burner “Graceland Smile.”

Graceland Smile – The Sister Ruby Band

It’s a good track, but it’s not my favorite off the album. My favorite is either the title track:

In Cold Blood – the Sister Ruby Band

or the opening track (which is free on the band’s bandcamp)

Straight Into Your Heart – the Sister Ruby Band

You can’t really go wrong with either. But anyways, you can check out the rest of the album below along with a couple of other videos. As far as touring goes, it seems like they haven’t ventured out of Los Angeles yet but hopefully they will soon. I’ve got a good feeling about this band.

Sweet Georgia – the Sister Ruby Band

Coming Down on You – the Sister Ruby Band

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