Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Give “The Absent” for Christmas

BRMC knows more about hard work and dedication than you or anyone you know. Even during their “off year,” the band still managed to record and tour, bringing their brand of rock n’ roll to places like China and South America. To top it off, the band has continued their annual holiday tradition of releasing a free song for Christmas or as they say “‘Whatever You Call It’ Day.”The song is called “The Absent” and it’s a slow piano number available for download HERE

The Absent – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The track’s been kicked around for a couple of years through the band’s live show. It used to be just Peter Hayes on an acoustic guitar, but it looks like the band has flushed it out with pianos and harmonicas. Personally, I like the simpler version better, but the studio version has its high moments as well. This one just feels more powerful though:

The Absent (live 2008) – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

See what I mean? Either way, it’s pretty cool. The band hasn’t announced major plans for 2012, so I think it’s safe to assume that if they aren’t recording/putting out a new record soon, then they’ll be touring as usual. If you still haven’t acquainted yourself with BRMC, check out a couple of videos below.

Shuffle Your Feet – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Berlin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2 Responses to “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Give “The Absent” for Christmas”
  1. Hey Jordan,

    This is sweetaia. Thanks for the props on my tumblr. I have a WordPress dedicated to my writing, if you feel like checking it out.

    Take care, and keep rockin’!

  2. Oh, and the KCRW session you posted…I was there in the sound booth pinching myself. 😀

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