Outside Broadcast Bootleg – U2

Some people are probably gonna consider this as me jumping shark or some shit like that. Whatever. While I do think that U2 hasn’t made a good album in the past two decades, I can’t deny the fact that Achtung Baby is fucking awesome. When one of the first good songs to get stuck in my head at the age of three was “Mysterious Ways”, it becomes hard for me to completely hate U2 (considering that my dad listened to Def Leppard and INXS when I was growing up, the fact that I even heard something as cool as this album is a fucking miracle). Yes, I cringe at some of the shit Bono and the Edge do nowadays, but I can’t deny that they once wrote good music. But to be honest, their best work is in this bootleg, Outside Broadcast.

The bootleg has songs from the Zoo TV Tour in 1992 behind Achtung Baby. I think I like this album a lot because it really is U2’s darkest. There’s none of that “A Beautiful Day” or “Vertigo” bullshit that makes the band cheap (but funny) shots on shows like South Park. Sure, this era is when Bono started wearing sunglasses like they were stuck on his head, but it also gave us some of the band’s best songs like “The Fly” or “Until the End of the World.”The band was obsessed with subliminal messaging on TV so they brought that to their live show. Their stage used to be set up with 100’s of TVs that would flicker words, political imagery, and psychological expertise at a seizure-inducing pace. The fact that this is mimicd on the bootleg by really slick interview interludes is one of the reasons that the band had something to do with this bootleg. It keeps the fucker cool and really interesting. It’s worth a listen to see the band when they were at their peak, because it’s pretty obvious that it all went really downhill from here. At least there were some good times though.

You can download the whole thing below, or if you need some convincing, you can check out a couple of clips from the TV Special on the Zoo TV Tour.

DOWNLOAD Outside Broadcast Bootleg – U2

Until the End of the World – U2

The Fly  – U2

Even Better than the Real Thing – U2

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