Ty Segall Does a Video for “Where Your Head Goes”

I’m really surprised I didn’t hear about this video sooner, considering how it seems likes half of this town would suck off Ty if they had the chance. Now, I think the dude writes some great music, but I wouldn’t go as far as some of these fanboys. That’s a bit scary to me. But anyways, he released this hell of a video about two weeks ago from one of my favorite tracks off of his latest, Goodbye Bread. The song’s called “Where Your Head Goes” and the video might set off a seizure or an acid trip flashback.

Where Your Mind Goes – Ty Segall

Trippy, right? Fits perfectly with the warm guitar sounds and general feel of the song. Ty scores another hit by making a song that feels like your brain is melting…in a good way.

No current tour dates for Segall, but that probably means that he’s either rehearsing or writing a new record as we speak. We need to find out who deals him his speed, because it’s pretty obvious the motherfucker probably never sleeps. He has said that he want his next record to be “total glam Stooges-meets-Hawkwind or Sabbath” which sounds real fucking cool to me. Looking at his track record, we probably won’t have to wait long. Check out the usual few videos below if you aren’t already aquatinted with Ty Segall’s music.

Goodbye Bread – Ty Segall

The Drag – Ty Segall

My Sunshine – Ty Segall

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