Stab City Do “Coliseum”

I hated this band the first time I heard them and this song. I just couldn’t get past the whole “I ate another pizza” line. Maybe it’s cause I’ve had bad luck with bands that go on too much about pizza and shit in the past, but whatever. After a few more recent listens, I’ve gotten past that and really started digging the music itself. For those who aren’t aware of who these dudes are, Stab City is a three-piece “filth” rock band from Los Angeles, California. That’s about all the info I could get off of their Facebook, aside from the fact that these dudes recently recorded an album with Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line. Anyways, the track I’m going on about is called “Coliseum.”

Colieseum – Stab City

I think it’s the bass line and the guitar melody that are keeping me hooked on this song. Their latest batch of tunes came out on Buddyhead’s Travis Keller’s new label, Miracles. I haven’t heard much aside from this song, because I usually either get bored or a headache with this type of music, but after this, I might need to to see what I’ve been missing. Or somebody else should send me the album. Anyways give it a listen, buy their new album, blah blah blah. You know what to do. You’re old enough for me not to hold your hand through this entire process.

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