The Doors Debut Lost Track, “She Smells So Nice”, Ready LA Woman Reissue

No, I’m not talking about that God-awful collaboration that those remaining coattail-riding geezers did with that dipshit Skrillex. I’m talking about a new Doors track that the remaining members just unearthed from the LA Woman sessions, called “She Smells So Nice.”

Well, 40 years old is not technically “new,” but seeing as how it comes from one of the greatest bands to ever exist, it’s still smokes what ever else is out there at the moment. As the band prepares to re-release the album for its 40th anniversary, the band stumbled upon this track. Manzarek told Complex:

“I didn’t even know it existed. It was a surprise to all of us. Our producer/engineer Bruce Botnick was digging through all the out-takes and said ‘Hey! There’s a new song here.’ [Laughs.] ‘She Smells So Nice’. And you know which part that is.”

Seeing as how Manzarek and Krieger jump at any opportunity to cash in nowadays, it’s cool to see their efforts going towards something that isn’t jive as fuck for change. The new reissue is said to come with a bonus disc of extra material and a documentary called Mr. Mojo Risin’, which follows the sessions in close detail. If it’s anything like the 2010 documentary When You’re Strange (I’ve seen it a 1oo times its that good),  I’ll definitely check it out. The reissue is scheduled for January 24th. Go pick up a copy. Check out a couple other great songs by the band below.

Roadhouse Blues – the Doors

The Spy – the Doors

When the Music’s Over – the Doors

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