Dead Legs Release “Bees,” Ready New Single

One of my whiskey-drinking buddies, Meghan D’Amico, started a four-piece band a bit ago called Poco Vestita (Italian for “little clothed”) but changed the name to Dead Legs sometime last year. Good call, cause I think Dead Legs has a better ring to it. Anyways, they’ve been playing shows on and off for the past year in and around Nashville and recording on the side, waiting to unleash some cool shit on us all. Apparently that time is drawing nearer, because Meg posted one of the recordings the band has been working on; a song tentatively titled “Bees.”

The song has been one of my favorites they’ve played live, particularly because it’s a shit-kicker. There’s no denying that that guitar riff kills. The song sounds like the Duke Spirit, the Dead Weather, Polly Jean Harvey and maybe a dash of the moodiness of the Dum Dum Girls all spliced together in some sort of Frankenstein experiment gone right. Quite the introduction for a band getting its sea legs  (no, that’s not meant to be a pun, you shits. I’m just too lazy to look up another idiom). No other shows have been booked and no announcement has been made on what’s next, but as always, I’ll let you know. Check out the band’s facebook page for more info right HERE.

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