The Blakes – the Blakes

The first instore I ever saw at Grimey’s was the Blakes. I didn’t even know they were playing. I was jobless 17 year old that had miraculously saved up $40 . After spending the usual bit on gas and cigs, I had to fuel my other addiction: music. Got to Grimey’s and realized it would be hard for me to even barely see the Pre-loved CD section with a rock ‘n’ roll band and audience members in the way. They looked pretty grungy, which nowadays means your lucky if the band doesn’t sound like a Nickelback rip-off, but the fact that they actually were from Seattle helped easy my mind a little bit. They plugged in and started playing and I dug their set. They played songs about cocaine, how your ladyfriend’s ladyfriends bitch too much, pistols and chicks in black leather. For some reason, I didn’t buy their record that day. Probably cause I needed an Elliott Smith record or something more. I kind of forgot them for a while until I randomly heard that Iggy Pop called their record good shit. Now, as many of you know, I don’t think Iggy is that reliable nowadays, but I decided to forget that he did a record with Green Day and Sum 41 and give him the benefit of the doubt. Iggy didn’t get points like that again until he called Billy Corgan a “thug with a guitar” in 2009. This record doesn’t pull any punches; the riffs hit you harder than the lyrics about the manipulative bitch like in the opening track,”Two Times.”

Two Times – the Blakes

With only three dud songs (the names are dead giveaways to that:”Run”, “Lint Walk” and “Vampire”), the rest of the record is full of shit kickers that are perfect for drinking whiskey. The band has put out other records since this one, but I still haven’t gotten around to listening to them yet (hey man, there’s Nirvana and Neil Young b-sides I haven’t listened to yet; I gotta prioritize my shit). You can check out my two other favorite songs below. The quality sucks, so you might be better of Spotifying them or something. You can get this record on Amazon. Fuck iTunes. Amazon’s cheaper and isn’t coded with that DRM shit that iTunes requires. Trust me, kids. I know what I’m talking about most of the time.

Magoo – the Blakes

Streets – the Blakes

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