Ranch Ghost Debuts First Studio Single + Free MP3s

They really do start the Christmas season earlier and earlier each year. Ranch Ghost is still picking up steam like a motherfucker and are on their way to making 2012 their bitch. They just threw up their debut single from their upcoming 7 inch with Jeffrey Drag and it sounds tits (not that I expected anything less).

New News – Ranch Ghost

The single is expected to drop soon. Hate to be ambiguous, but you know how these things go. You should have a physical version soon enough. In the mean time, they have a couple of tunes up on their SoundCloud for free download. Their demo for Terfin’ (which sounds super sweet) and the previously mentioned “Lookin’.” Download and spread that shit like herpes. They’re playing the Zombie Shop with Paperhead and Denney and the Jets and D. Watusi. They play first so show up early.

Terfin’ (demo) – Ranch Ghost

Lookin’ (iPhone Recording) – Ranch Ghost

Also, as an added bonus, check out them performing a new song called “Gross Eyes.” It’s all trippy and shit. A bit shaky too. Sorry about that. I’m not a very good camera man. Especially when beer’s involved. Check it

Gross Eyes – Ranch Ghost

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