Neil Young Plans Album with Crazy Horse, Releases Jam Video

The king is coming back in 2012. After turning heads by reuniting with his then-43 year old band Buffalo Springfield, it looks like Neil has his eye set on reuniting with some more old friends: Crazy Horse (the band he recorded EveryBody Knows This Is Nowhere and Live Rust with)! Rumors have been mixing in the pot for the past weeks and it looks like its almost dinner time. A rep for Neil finally confirmed that Neil was in the studio with the band, recording TWO albums worth of music. However, he then did the dick move of not giving us the bad news first and announced that neither album would be released for quite sometime, referencing the fall as a possibility. Ain’t that some shit?  But luckily, Neil just dropped a silver lining to the whole deal. He recorded a whopping 38-minute jam session with the band and threw it online.

Okay, the catch is that the video is mostly of studio equipment which is probably like porn to some audio engineers, but for me, it’s a bunch of flickering lights that I don’t get. No worries, it’s not essential and you can just have it play in the background. It’s what I’m doing right now, actually. Recorded on January 6rh, it’s the band tearing through some songs like “Fuckin’ Up” and “Cortez the Killer,” which all sound BADASS. 66 years old, but doesn’t sound a day over 21. These albums are going to rip. Keep the tunes coming dudes!

In other news, Neil announced a while ago (maybe last fall?) that he plans on writing his memoirs called Waging Heavy Peace for a release later this year. It’s gonna be hard to top Keith Richards’ book as far as autobiographies go, but if there’s anyone who can stand up to that challenge, Neil Young’s your man. I hate sounding like a nerd talking about books and shit, but I can’t wait to read the book. Hearing from his account of what down during the recording of Time Fades Away will be really fucking cool. Hell, it’s Neil Young, of course it’ll be cool. While you’re waiting on Neil to wrap up this shit, check out some other songs by him in the usual videos below.

Everybody’s Alone – Neil Young with Crazy Horse

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere –  Neil Young with Crazy Horse

The Loner – Neil Young with Crazy Horse

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