Jack White Goes Solo

I’ve had an extreme love/hate relationship with Jack White lately. I love his music and he’s put out a couple of really good records on Third Man. On the other hand, I hate a lot of the other records he’s been putting out lately on Third Man and the fact that a bunch of people around here consider him a demi-God of some sort. I’m not a vinyl collector so I guess that’s why I can’t get into the whole “I’m going to make 300 limited pressed blue/gray vinyl with some of my hair on it that only a closet full of people are going to listen to” deal he does or feel the urge to wait outside Third Man for. Cool if that’s your bag, but I’ve got better things to spend what little money I have on. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about the music.

White’s finally taken the step that so many of us have speculated about since the White Stripes emerged: he’s going solo. Hitting the stores April 24th (and the internet sooner), White’s going to release his debut solo album, Blunderbuss. He released the single yesterday and I gotta say, it sounds pretty damn good to me.

Love Interruption – Jack White III

It’s a lot more mellow than the White Stripes or any of the recent stuff he’s put out with the Dead Weather. I like it. The single is available to buy/download online. It comes with the b-side “Machine Gun Silhouette” which someone needs to send to me. Sounds good, Jack. Now quit concentrating on porking that chick from the Black Belles and start concentrating on making more of YOUR OWN music.

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