The Hussy Return With Weed Seizure, Premiere “Bad Speed”

It’s only been a couple of months since they released their debut LP Cement Tomb Mind Control, but the Hussy have done anything but sit around, twiddling their thumbs . If you missed out on their Mt. Swag show back in May, you missed out on a night of flinging burning guitars, pounding drums, and Bobby slipping the tongue to any chick that walked by. Shit, I felt lucky to have made it out of there with all the hair still on my head. While putting out a slew of decent bands on their label, Kind Turkey, the Hussy have been tucking away every extra waking moment and been doing some serious studio work. And it looks like they’re ready to unveil what they’ve been tinkering and toying away with in the studio. The band just announced their latest effort, Weed Seizure, will come out on Tic Tac Totally soon.

Bobby was cool enough to send me the record in advanced, and the verdict is in: this is good shit, peeps. Don’t let the name fool you, this is anything but another stoner album. The Hussy combine the stoner norm with their self-proclaimed “piss and vinegar” type of rock ‘n’ roll to make something that treads where its predecessors and competition haven’t even come close to. You’ll nod your head and wish you could be seeing songs like “FUDje” (which sounds like Oasis’s “Married with Children” if Noel was on weed instead of coke) “Undefined” and “Liar” in their live glory. Don’t sleep on this fucker, kids.

To sweeten the deal, the band’s letting us stream one of the cuts from the album,  the head nodder”Bad Speed,” right here. Give it a listen below.

Bad Speed – The Hussy

The band has yet to announce the essentials for their next time out on the road, but they’ve given me a basic outline of where they plan to hit up. The ones with the “@” are confirmed, but the others are liable to shift around a bit. If they play within your area, drop what you’re doing and GO. You won’t be disappointed. This record is supposed to be out by SXSW (March-ish, but the tour date says April 7th) on Tic Tac Totally. From Bobby himself:

We have 2 new 7″s coming out in March/April as well. It’s all coming at once for that set of records. One is a one-side 2 song 7″ by an Italian label, Goodbye Boozy, and the other is a 4 track EP on Eradicator. And then, we have a new 7″ coming on Evil Weevil (4 exclusive tracks, a brand new EP!), and then one on Black Gladiator with Wrong/Right from Cement Tomb and a new song on the A-side, and then a dance remix of Wrong/Right on the B-Side.

In other words, this record is like the first toke in a series of tokes that is likely to get you so high, you’ll be giving off a contact high to anyone within a mile radius. Can’t complain. Check out the usual few videos below as well.

Tour Dates

3/23 Friday – Chicago
3.24 Saturday – Indy
3.25 Sun – Cincinnati @ The Comet
3.26 Mon – Dayton
3.27 Tues – Cleveland
3.28 Weds – Pittsburgh
3.29 Thurs – York, PA @ First Cap
3.30 Frid – NYC
3.31 Sat – NYC – have WFMU booked during the day
4.1 Sun – Baltimore
4.2 mon – DC
4.3 tues – Columbus
4.4 Weds – Fort Wayne – can anyone help with this? I emailed Brass Rail but haven’t heard back.
4.5 Thurs – Bloomington
4.6 Friday – Lafayette
4.7 – Madison @ The Frequency

Bang Bang – the Hussy

The Hussy At Mickey’s Tavern

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