The Horrors Play Carson Daly

It’s gonna take a lot for me to forget Carson Daly pimping shit music to the masses via MTV’s defunct (thank God) TRL. However, he seems to be trying really hard to un-jive himself with his late late night show (seriously, it’s on at 1 AM. If I’m up past 1 AM, the last thing I’m gonna be doing is watching TV). He’s had a couple of respectable acts recently like Mini Mansions, the Screaming Females, and now, English post-punk band The Horrors. They stopped in about a week ago to perform two songs, “I Can See Through You” and “Endless Blue.”

I Can See Through You – the Horrors

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Endless Blue – The Horrors

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Like I said, never been a big fan of goths, but these dudes have some good tunes. Their latest album, Skying, has grown on me a lot since I first heard it last year and I guess this another one of the few bands that proves the old proverb “never judge a book by its cover” right. If you dig what you hear, check out a couple of other songs from their albums I dig below. They’re touring foreign countries right now, but will have a couple of dates in the US before they hit the two-weekend long Coachella (which I really need a ticket to and am now accepting donations for).

Still Life – The Horrors

Sea Within A Sea – the Horrors

Mirror’s Image – the Horrors

One Response to “The Horrors Play Carson Daly”
  1. juepucta says:

    he has always invited good music guest for this particular show, since day one – i think, like you said, that the is atoning for his bad TRL karma

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