Turbo Fruits – “Dreams For Sale”

I kind of slept on this one. Not because I don’t think Turbo Fruits are awesome, but since they released this song on vinyl as a split, that created some problems for me: a) I don’t own a record player (fuck off vinyl lovers, I don’t have the time or money to hunt for wax) and b) I’m not a fan of Jacuzzi Boys who share the other side of this b-side record (once again, fuck off).  I kinda shrugged it off after that and thought I’d probably be able to hear an MP3 or something sooner than later. Well, today after Turbo Time Records reminded me on Facebook that they repressed the vinyl back in December, I decided to quit being lazy and use Google. Turns out the band posted their song, “Dreams for Sale”,  on the bandcamp and I had been missing out this whole time. Oh well, fuck ups happen. The song was too badass for me to not post it.

If this is what they can pass off for a b-side, I can’t wait to see what tracks actual make the new album. Can’t wait for that fucker to drop. The band is probably in Miami for Bruise Cruise round 2, but they’re planning on hitting the road soon. You know the drill. Check out the dates and videos below if you don’t know this badass band.

Tour Dates

MARCH 8 / Savannah, GA – Savannah Stopover Festival
MARCH 9 / Tallahassee, FL – Retrofit Records
MARCH 10 / New Orleans, LA – Siberia
MARCH 11 / Beaumont, TX – Bo-Jam Festival
MARCH 13 / Austin, TX – Red’s Scoot Inn
MARCH 13-18 / Austin, TX – SXSW

Trouble – Turbo Fruits

Ramble Gamble – Turbo Fruits

Ain’t the Only One (Havin’ All This Fun) – Turbo Fruits

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