Majestico Brings Bad Cop and Fly Golden Eagle to 12th and Porter

It’s pretty much common knowledge that 12th and Porter sucks.  From the douchebags who look like they just stepped out of an episode of “Jeresy Shore” to the sketchy part out back where I once saw two girls do blow off of the hood of their car and then dance to 3OH!3,  it’s just never a nice place to go. It might convince you that we need a new plague.  Every once in a while though, they have a good set of bands come through. This time, they’ve gotten smart and instead of booking some embarrassingly bad funk/dubstep band, they convinced Majestico to play the show. Even better, they’re bringing Bad Cop and Fly Golden Eagle along with.

I’ve been listening to that split Majestico did with Ranch Ghost and it gets better and better every time. You can check out a review I did of that HERE, but for those who are just as lazy as me, I’ve put the songs below. Anyways, aside from the last time I saw Majestico play at 12th and Porter (in which I thought they sucked but I was a couple of drinks in and had to go to STL in the morning; man that was a long time ago), I’ve never really had a bad time at one of their shows. There’s always good energy and the dude knows how to draw a crowd of babes. Should be a nice change of pace from the river pigs that usually hang out around 12th. Give the tracks below a listen. It sounds familiar, but not in a rip off-ish kinda of way. The dude isn’t trying to be T-Rex or David Bowie or MC5, he’s just infusing what he knows with his own charm. Props.

As for Bad Cop, the band’s been relatively quiet since the release of their EP, I Can’t Slow Down, last year. Mikey and Mike are doing a round of shows with Little Viking while Adam just got back from Denver to track demos with Two Fresh and original guitarist Alex Hartness and Danger is….well, being Danger. However,  a little bit ago, they released a demo for a newer track, “Fried By Lightning.” It’s got a chugging, diving-head-first-into-the-bayonets riff and is (probably) about how small towns full of Bible humpers suck ass. Being from one of those towns, I can relate. Check it out below.

Last but not least, there’s Fly Golden Eagle. I can’t vouch for them because I honestly don’t know much about them. I think they played a show at Mt. Swag once, but honestly, I’m way out of it by the time any band takes the stage at that place. You can feel the contact high from a mile away. I can’t listen to any of their music on myspace because the player won’t work for me but you can feel free to try HERE. However, if they are good enough to appear on the bill, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anyways, you know the deal now. The show kicks off at 9 PM and is supposed to be at most $7. Careful though, 12th and Porter are known to be sneaky shits and charge you two door fees. Homie don’t play that. Check out the usual videos below.

Bright White Lady (live) – Majestico

Animal – Bad Cop

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