Crocodiles Release New Single, Announce New Album “Endless Flowers”

Aside from constantly touring and snorting copious amounts of cocaine off of the chicks from Dum Dum Girls, there has been little word on when we can expect the latest batch of tunes from the San Diego band Crocodiles. Their last album, Sleep Forever, was an awesome introduction and definitely one of the best of 2010. They combined bits of Spaceman 3 and Joy Division to make something really cool. Now, it appears that they’re just getting started. They just announced that their latest, Endless Flowers, is set to be released on June 4th and to keep us posted, they released a new single as well, “Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9.”

It’s got everything you want out of the band: well-crafted pop melodies flushed in some good ole fashion noise rock. Sounds like this record is gonna be good for a summer of sunshine and reckless drug intake. Welcome back, Crocodiles. If you still aren’t properly acquainted with Crocodiles, check out the usual few videos below.

Neon Jesus – Crocodiles

Mirrors – Crocodiles

Hearts of Love – Crocodiles

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