Ranch Ghost Appear in Etnies Bike Vid, Release “New News” for Pre-Order

I post about these peeps a lot, but they rule so it’s warranted.  I don’t think I’ve meet anyone who doesn’t like this band. That said, apparently they’re catching hell fire now, because they got their debut track, “New News” to appear in a Etnies Bike Video. Check it out below.

I’ve never been into skateboarding, biking or anything like that, but for what it is, it’s a pretty good video. That’s about the most commentary I can offer on that. The track they used is coming out soon on Jeffery Drag Records soon and preorders are starting today. From the press release:

Nashville’s Ranch Ghost debut 7″ is now up for pre-order at jefferydragrecords.bandcamp.com.

Featuring two tracks of head nodding, surfy, reverb-drenched rock-n-roll, “The Water” and “New New’s”, which was recently featured in the promo video for Etnies “Nathan Williams- Brake” is guaranteed to keep your record player spinning. The record will be available on 2 colors of vinyl and pre-orders will be shipped on the official release date, March 26th on Jeffery Drag Records.

Upcoming releases:

JD-11: Ghost Dance – Live at Mt Swag Vol. 2

JD-13: Useless Eaters/The Hussy “Live at Mt Swag Vol. 3” Cassette

JD-14: Natural Child – “Mother Natures Daughter/Body Switchers Part II” 7″

JD-15: Majestico – Love is God 7″

JD-16: Ranch Ghost/Natural Child Split 7″

JD-17: Little Viking – From The Moon 7″

Sounds sick especially those future releases. Looks like the momentum is building over at Jeffrey Drag. Anyways, you can listen to the tracks below. A couple copies of the single will be available at the Freakin’ Weekend III. Should be cool. You can listen to the single below and download them on the site. I don’t even have a record player (for all the vinyl lovers out there, blow me, I don’t have enough money to chase down vinyl), but I might have to pick up a copy because it looks pretty slick. Listen to the tunes below:

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