Gorillaz Release “DoYaThing,” Blur Readies Another Reunion

Since both of these bands are fronted by Damon Albarn, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. Hey, I’m a lazy shit and midterms are this week. Cut me some slack. Anyways, I’ve been less than pro-Gorillaz in the past year. I dug Plastic Beach, but the stuff that followed afterward varied between that teen poppy “Doncamatic” single and the failed experiment known as The Fall.  Albarn doesn’t get that just because you can record an album on an iPad doesn’t mean you should. Bad call dude. So my faith was shaken in the band because of that and everything else Albarn made creatively since then has sounded like shit, so I avoided it. However, when the Gorillaz announced that they were doing a new track with Andre 3000, I decided I could tolerate the somewhat annoying James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem to see if it was any good. And like I predicted, the best part of the track is Andre 3000.

DoYaThing – Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy

I’ve always been a fan of Outkast (I don’t really go out of my way to express it) and this is why: Andre 3000 is straight up spitting fire during his verse. It’s a fun track and what I think Gorillaz needs to get back to doing instead of constantly ripping off reggae and getting all fruity. You can grab the track off of Converse’s site HERE. There’s a 13 minute version of the track, which I think needs to be thrown out. All it does is show how over-indulgent Albarn can be if he isn’t kept in check and how annoying James Murphy can be as well. For those interested in seeing why, that version is below.

DoYaThing (extended version) – Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 and goofball James Murphy

Meanwhile, the wheels are turning again for Albarn’s original band, Blur. The band has been confirmed to close the Summer Olympics 2012 with a massive gig at Hyde Park on August 12th and Graham Coxon has confirmed that the band is recording a new album. I still take Oasis’s side on this one (if you know anything about Britpop, these two bands feud in the mid-90s was an event in England), but I’m still nonetheless stoked. The last single the band did in 2010, “Fools Day,” was pretty good in my book and I’ve been on a pretty big Blur kick recently. Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn even performed at some charity concert recently, tentatively titled “Under the Westway”.

Under the Westway – Blur

It’s got some of that old-fashioned Blur charm to it, which was lost on the band’s last album (and the one without Coxon…see a pattern here?). It should be cool to see what else the band has up their sleeve for this year. Until then, check out a couple of their songs below and get acquainted with them.

MOR – Blur

Coffee and TV – Blur

For Tomorrow – Blur

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