Spiritualized Release New Single, New Album in April

I’ve only just started listening to Spiritualized, but I’m becoming a bigger fan the more stuff I listen to by Jason Pierce. That’s one of the bummers about not having an older brother or someone to show me this shit. If you’re like (or were like me) and are completely ignorant about how awesome either Spiritualized or Spacemen 3 is, look no further:

Losing Touch With My Mind – Spacemen 3

Electricity – Spiritualized

As some shit and overrated rapper says, “thank me later.”Anyways, you still have time to jump on the bandwagon like I did before their new album comes out. On April 17th, the band will release their latest effort, Sweet Heart Sweet Light via Fat Possum in the United States (seriously, how does Fat Possum get all of these awesome acts?). I’m particularly stoked about this because Pierce, the man behind it all, has said that this record was inspired by playing their album Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating in Space in it’s entirety live. Sounds dope. To back up what he says, he’s released the single for listen on Soundcloud and I gotta say, I dig it a lot.

Sounds like a winner to me, kids. The band is also going on tour in the States relatively soon. Hopefully the stars will align in my favor and I’ll be able to make the Atlanta show. Seeing as how it’s on my birthday, it seems like it’s meant to be. Maybe the Gods of Rock will bless me with some tickets or something. I feel like they owe me since I’ve gotta miss Coachella, plus Noel Gallagher and Kasabian in Atlanta. One can hope. Anyways, get into the band if you’re not already. They’re a better band to do drugs to than those shit jam bands everyone is listening to.  Check out the usual few videos below. Do you wanna be a spaceman?

Come Together – Spiritualized

All of My Thoughts – Spiritualized

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